Visions and Values

Visions and Values
Improving water quality is at the heart of what we do…

At Evergreen Water Solutions we pride ourselves on integrity and ensuring we deliver the best solution for our client’s needs.

Key Values:

  1. Client focused-to deliver water treatment products and projects that exceed expectation.
  2. Environmental-to strive to improve water quality, energy recovery, and emissions reductions, in all our commercial endeavours.
  3. Integrity-responsive, open and honest communication from enquiry to delivery.
  4. Continuous Improvement-learning, building, and implementing better work systems with each project.
  5. Quality-supplying advanced and reliable technologies into the water industry to provide more efficient treatment processes now and into the future.

Our Visions:

  1. To be a leading provider of environmental, cost-effective water treatment solutions.
  2. To collaborate within the water industry to drive efficiencies and save both client and consumer costs.