R&D Pilot Trials

R&D Pilot Trial Services

Partnership research and development is a key element of our business model. The benefit is that this develops a deeper working relationship with clients as well as building on Evergreen’s industry expertise and reputation within the water industry

Evergreen Water Solutions provide advanced filtration, de-watering, and energy recovery technologies, which can be containerised and installed temporarily, along with required ancillaries for ‘Plug-and Play’ trial purposes.

These containerised solutions resolve many client concerns regarding installation, site access, site footprint, logistics, and process disruption.

Once the trial plant is installed, our internal team of engineers work to operate, optimise and monitor the installation in-situ. As operational and sampling data is collected and analysed, our engineers strive for continuous improvements by sharing and collaborating on the realised data to accurately prove the technology and its suitability for each client’s needs.