Cloth Filters


Improving final effluent quality can be a challenge. With stricter effluent quality requirements, we work with water utilities clients and UK distributors to supply or upgrade the tertiary process stage of industrial water treatment plants.

Our cloth filters purify tertiary effluent for the industrial and municipal sectors. The result is final effluent with significantly reduced levels of suspended solids, including phosphorous and iron content.

The filters comprise of a series of cloth filter discs, installed in a hexagonal array, around a hollow central shaft allowing the filtered effluent to pass through by gravitation alone.

The key element of the filtration capability lies within the filter cloths. The pile cloths are an advanced synthetic fabric of microfibres which trap suspended solids, whilst allowing the filtered effluent to flow onward toward the filter outlet.

The cloths are cleaned automatically during a backwash cycle. During this operation, the filter shaft rotates, while a series of backwash pumps run. The suction provided by the pumps allows backwash flows to enter nozzles positioned between each disc. This suction draws trapped solids away from the cloth surfaces; maintaining the normal passage of filtered flows. The backwash operation allows the filter to continue filtration during its cycle, significantly minimising plant down-time.

The benefit of this automatic and continuous filtration product is exemplary, long-life tertiary filtration performance, with low initial investment, and O&M costs.

The filters are available in either a horizontal or a vertical configurations, with backwash pumps installed either internally or externally. The vertical filters also offer the ideal solution for ‘Plug-and-Play’ site filtration requirements.

A small footprint inherent to their design, combined with the option to select filters with a series of 2-32 discs allows a high range of scalability depending on site requirements.

Evergreen Water Solutions offers our client bespoke system solutions. Our tertiary filtration package reflects this customisation by providing options to supply various filter, tank, and pipework configurations. Along with all required electrical instrumentation, control and integration.

Below are an example of distributed cloth filter products, incorporated into Evergreen Water Solutions’ filtration systems.