VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press

Amcon VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press

The VOLUTE™ is designed for high dewatering performance and low energy consumption. With low maintenance and clog-free operation at the focus of its useability, the self-cleaning Volute is the ideal choice for dewatering sludges in many industrial applications including clean and wastewater industries.

VOLUTE™ Advantages
24-Hour Automatic Operation Capability

Full automatic 24-hour operation without an operator on-site is possible using electrical control and various sensors. This eliminates the need for manual operation, such as starting or stopping. Moreover, daily maintenance is minimised, requiring no skilled labour or expert knowledge to keep the Volute operational.

Environmental Design
Power Saving

The screw of the VOLUTE™ rotates at the slow speed of 2-4 rpm, consuming very little power and therefore increased economy. When comparing VOLUTE™ with a centrifuge for 30 kg-DS/h throughput, the power consumption of VOLUTE™ is 1/20th of centrifuge which requires rotation at high speed.


Comparison of power consumption among sludge dewatering equipments (throughput 30 kg-DS/h)

Low Noise & Vibration

The VOLUTE™ has no un-balanced rotating body which to cause noise and vibration at high speeds. This negates the need for noise or vibration protection for operators or the environment. The minimal vibration means additional consideration or requirements for supporting structures are not necessary to ensure a comfortable work environment is ensured.

Water Saving

The VOLUTE™ prevents its filter mesh from clogging using its unique self-cleaning mechanism. This removes the need for large volumes of water for clogging prevention. When compared with similar dewatering technologies of the same throughput, the amount of cleaning water required for VOLUTE™ is about 1/115th of belt press and about 1/12th of conventional screw press.


Comparison between noise of dewatering equipment and daily life noise.


Comparison of spray washing water consumption among similar dewatering technologies (throughput 30 kg-DS/h)

Main Volute Types

Including Sludge Conditioning Tank

A sludge conditioning tank temporarily stores sludge before it is dewatered. Volute models with a sludge conditioning tank realizes a high solid capture rate higher than 95%, and the efficiency of sludge treatment is enhanced as the inlet sludge is always conditioned beforehand. The conditioning tank can be used as a reactor tank for inorganic flocculant.


Excluding Sludge Conditioning Tank

Volute models without a sludge conditioning tank realise a cost benefit by eliminating the tank. These models are designed to secure the solid capture rate as high as 90% or higher.

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