VOLUTE DUO™ Dewatering Press


New to the Amcon product-line is the VOLUTE DUO™. This iteration in the Volute technology further improves dewatering and filtration efficiency by the use of a twin screw and ring configuration at the centre of the Volute DUO. Due to this configuration, the Volute DUO is suitable for a wider range of industrial applications than the conventional Volute.

Volute DUO Benefits

  • Twin-ring configuration creates a ‘cutting’ movement; significantly reducing blockages.
  • The twin-screw design increases transportation efficiencies especially regarding low-viscosity sludges.
  • Externally situated ring-driving rod greatly maximises service life for both rings and screws.
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Amcon Volute Duo Evolution
Twin Screws Enclosed Within One Cylinder

By enclosing two screws in one filtration cylinder, the the risk of blockage is significantly reduced, while also providing higher transportation efficiency, even with difficult liquids or semi-liquid materials.